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All of our candidates are self-reliant & intellectually flexible.
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Why Employers Come to GAJIX

FREE Job Adverts & Company Page
Free advertising is available for all jobs that comply with our social mobility pledge. Your company page will tell candidates how to prepare for your roles.
Self-Reliant Candidates
All candidates that complete our process are self-reliant and intellectually flexible.
Recommend Learning
Suggest what candidates should learn to prepare for a role at your company
Recommend Experience
Suggest tasks and projects for candidates to complete prior to applying
Automatically Sync with ATS
We automatically sync your vacancies from you ATS, Greenhouse and Lever are currently supported.(reach out if you need a different one)
Increase Social Mobility & Neurodiversity
Our process is open to all walks of life, at any point in their life.

It's Time For A Revolution

Join us in a recruitment revolution. We are starting with job applications.

Social Mobility Pledge

No Educational "Requirements"
Employees that can self-educate, are intellectually flexible and fully autonomous are the desired employees for any company focused on growth. Formal education produces non such persons.
Experience ≠
Experience isn’t gained in years, so it shouldn’t be measured so. By stating N years of experience is “required” you are encouraging slow progression. 6 months of intense work with self-reliance far outweighs 6 years of drifting and leaning on others.
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