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Use the GAJIX AI Learning assistant to understand every subject – fast!


Use the GAJIX AI Learning Assistant to understand any subject or web page instantly.

GAJIX AI Learning assistant uses advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms to analyse every subject or any webpage you want . Simply enter a subject or URL and get instant access to a wealth of information to help you learn.

Instant Insights

GAJIX provides helpful summaries and explanations of key concepts on any subject, making it easy to follow along with complex ideas.  

The Full Picture

Instantly load every topic and subtopic you need to cover to learn a subject in depth. Simple click “Load Syllabus” once you have entered a subject.

The Right Questions

Learning is not just about remembering, it is about understanding. GAJIX will provide a list of question for you to consider when learning the subject at hand, making you understand at a deep level. 

Get Experience

Knowledge is not useful until it can be applied – use GAJIX to get experience applying any knowledge that you learn. Perfect for people starting their careers / looking to get promoted! 

Understand Why

Tell GAJIX why you are learning a subject and it will help you understand why you should be learning each topic and subtopic to achieve your goal.

Works anywhere, on any subject

GAJIX works on every subject, all the time – use it to learn law, biology, computer science, economics, marketing and literally any other subject.


Increase in productivity


*Some learners have reported up to a 75% increase in productivity since using GAJIX to help them study.

Self-educate and unlock your potential

This is the greatest time to be alive. The power of the internet has give us the ability to self-educate from anywhere – we have instant access to the world knowledge – now, with GAJIX you have instant access to an assistant to help you understand that knowledge and help you learn smarter and faster.

Check out what people are saying about GAJIX

Don’t take our word for it, here is feedback from real people who have used our website and chrome extension to supercharge their learning!

“This tool is great and innovative. I wish I had this in high school.”

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“This makes learning so much easier, all I have to do is click the extension and bam, I understand the web page I am reading”

Chrome Extension User

“It’s awesome, just even from trying the first Web page I had open.”

Chrome Extension User

“Finally! A way to get experience without getting a job.”

Website User

“Nice, I love how it just work!”

Chrome Extension User

“This helps so much when learning a completely new subject.”

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Who is using GAJIX?

 GAJIX is used by many students from universities and colleges around the world to help them with their studies, as well as many people who self-educate to a high standard.

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