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GAJIX is an AI learning assistant that helps you fully understand any subject.

Learn Subjects Faster than Ever Before

Choose a Subject

From Computer Science and Economics to Psychology and Marketing - GAJIX can help you learn any subject.

Generate your path to becoming an Expert

Every subject entered automatically generates a full syllabus of topics to cover.

Personalise your Learning

The more information you provide GAJIX, the more powerful it becomes. Wherever you are in your learning journey, GAJIX can tailor content to suit you.

Beyond Knowledge:
Truly Understand

Personalised Learning

Follow a personalised learning journey. From personalised answers to help you truly understand a given subject, to bespoke goals to motivate you along the way.


Learn without limits. Cover every topic and subtopic of any given subject, ask unlimited questions and get unlimited answers.

Hands-On Experience

"All genuine education comes about through experience" is a quote that is hard coded into our models. Generate projects that allow you to apply your knowledge.

Learn Smarter with Powerful Features

Comprehensive Syllabus

Every subject comes with a full syllabus of topics and subtopics you need to cover. Never miss anything important.

Deeper Understanding

Backed by psychological insights, GAJIX’s “Understand” is a revolutionary AI learning feature that can help you understand any subject or topic.

Help Deciding What To Learn

Not sure what to learn? Use the "Help Me Decide" feature to receive inspiration from GAJIX on what you need to learn to improve your life.

Real-World Experience

Go beyond knowledge and gain practical, real-world experience in any topic and transform your skills into a career!

Generated Questions

GAJIX automatically generates the most relevant and thought-provoking questions to help you delve deeper into any topic and enhance your understanding.

Thought Exercises

Connect up different topics with powerful thought exercises to enhance your understanding.

Use GAJIX to Achieve your Goals.

Whatever your goal. GAJIX can help you get there faster and cheaper than ever before.

Raise you GPA

Use the latest and greatest technology to ensure you perform to your highest standards in education. For a small investment in GAJIX you can make a huge impact to your academic performance.

Start A New Career

Starting a new career is no small task. Depending of the career, you will need to learn dozens or even hundreds of new topics! Make your life easier by using AI learning to understand new topics faster than ever before.

Get A Promotion

Learn new topics and progress your career. Empower yourself with the knowledge and understanding you need to achieve your career advancement goals.

Start A Business

When starting a business you need to wear many hats and learn many subjects. GAJIX can help with anything you need to learn from sales and marketing to building a website and dealing with customers.


Which AI Model does GAJIX use?

We use multiple models. One of the best things about GAJIX is that it uses the right model at the right time - this removes the need to constantly regenerate and compare outputs from models which ultimately speeds up the learning journey.

What usage limits does GAJIX have?

All plans are unlimited.

Do you offer discounts for bulk licenses?

Yes, discounts are available depending on the number and duration of the licenses. Contact us for more details.

Can I switch plans at any time?

Yes, simply click "Manage My Subscription" in settings and choose another plan.

Still have questions?

Feel free to reach out.

Learn Faster Than Ever Before

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