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Career Accessibility Index

An Evaluation of Employer Flexibility in Educational Requirements for Career Opportunities.


This index seeks to highlight organizations that are pioneering in offering career opportunities to individuals irrespective of their formal educational background, thus promoting a more diverse and inclusive workforce. By encouraging a shift towards more inclusive hiring standards, CAI intends to facilitate social mobility, reduce educational inequality, and create a more equitable job market.

Education can happen anywhere,  in any form. Going to university is not required for many careers – but companies still list it on their job adverts midleading the youth into thinking they HAVE to go to university or they cannot have a good career. Removing degrees as a requirement so it leaves people open to gain the necessary skills they need in their own way, this will surely accelerate social mobility whilst allowing for a more neurodiverse workforce. This index celebrates those that have and highlights those that need to make progess towards this goal.

Rating System

The Index uses a simple traffic light system.


Employers that do not require any form of higher education or degrees for any positions that are not required by law




Employers where degrees or higher education are preferred but not required.




Employers that necessitate a degree or higher education for employment for positions that are not required by law.



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